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Field Maintenance Requirements


    1. Field Prep: Before a game begins, the HOME TEAM is responsible for preparing the field: Removing all tarps, dragging/Raking (if required), putting in the bases, watering dirt areas, chalking/painting of foul lines and batter’s box. This must be completed prior to the scheduled start of the game. Foul lines should NOT be redone if foul lines are clearly visible from the previous game. Foul lines should be from back corner of home plate (closest to catcher) down the baseline, through the outside edge of the 1st/3rd base into the outfield grass, all the way to the foul pole.

    2. Field Cleanup: At the end of the game, the VISITOR TEAM is responsible for cleaning up the field: dragging the infield (FOUL LINE TO FOUL LINE, DO NOT DRAG DIRT INTO OR ON TO THE GRASS), raking baselines (RAKE PARALLEL TO BASE LINE, NOT SIDE TO SIDE – keep foul lines in tact from game to game). The purpose of dragging & raking the field is to ensure a level surface with no areas where water can puddle. Baselines should be flat or slightly inclined to allow water to drain away from infield. All field equipment must be put back in storage areas and doors locked. This includes bases, rakes, drags, etc.

    3. Dugout Cleanup: Players, Managers and Coaches are responsible for cleaning their dugout after each game/practice. Dugouts should be swept clean and trash cans should be emptied. PLAYERS ARE NOT TO BE RELEASED UNTIL THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED.

    4. Bleacher/Snack Bar Area Cleanup: Parents/fans from each team are responsible for picking up all trash around the bleachers and snack bar areas after each game. In addition, the trash cans must be emptied into the large garbage bins at the end of each day (or more frequently if needed).

    5. Locks: Managers and Coaches are to lock all padlocks and chains after the last game of the day. This includes all dugouts, field gates, and storage sheds. The last one to leave the premises is responsible for locking the gate(s).


    1. Field Prep:

      1. Before practices, coaches should remove all tarps

      2. Water skinned/dry areas and baselines

      3. Install the bases (available in storage shed)

    2. Field Cleanup:

      1. Following practices, coaches should remove bases and place plugs. Bases should be placed in storage shed, in designated area

      2. Rake loose dirt off grass along base paths, mound circle and infield edge

      3. Drag the skinned areas and rake baselines in similar fashion to game prep/cleanup directions above

      4. Rebuild mound and home plate area and cover areas with tarps

      5. Replace and tamp any loose divots in turf areas

      6. Clean dugouts of trash and dispose properly. Clean area around field & bleacher areas, disposing of trash properly.

      7. Lock all areas, including all dugouts, field gates, and storage sheds. The last one to leave the premises is responsible for locking the Halison/South & Towers/North access gates.

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