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Below is a list of people who are willing to work your snack bar shift if you are unable to do so yourself.  If you have registered for a snack bar shift but cannot work your shift, please contact one of the people listed below directly to arrange to have them work your shift for you (this list will also be available on our website shortly). 

If you have not yet signed up for your shifts, please click the link to our Sign Up Genius Page to register:

Note:  If you are going to hire someone to work your shift for you, please remember a few very important things:

1.  Please provide the person who is going to work your shift with your baseball player's division, team name and full name and remind them to sign our sign-in sheet so that we know that your shift has been covered.  

2.  Please pay the person covering your shift in advance of your shift's start date/time.  We would like to avoid any situation where they need to track you down after having worked a shift for you to try and obtain payment.  

3.  The rate to have someone work your shift for you is $35 per shift.  

Snack Bar Coordinators
Andy Mancuso707-478-7196[email protected]Sanck bar Coordinater
Ashley Bentley760-423-9242[email protected]Snack bar Coordinater
Teen Leaders
Hayley Hokanson310-567-2217[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Lucy Brandt310-251-1334[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Mateo Gregory310-803-3924[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Jenna Graham310-345-2803[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Kennedy Houts310-421-7062[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Grant Miller310-343-8765[email protected]Lead opener/closer
Matthew Campos310-483-4927[email protected]
Kole Graham310-703-2582[email protected]
Eva Brandt310-729-8021[email protected]
Mason Black310-874-0044[email protected]
Ella Estabrook310-720-7707[email protected]
Alex Garcia310-995-0701[email protected]
Antonio Garcia310-910-7880[email protected]
Zoe Feller310-357-6013[email protected]
Steven Rogers310-413-9555[email protected]
Noah Hyun310-745-6361[email protected]
Christina Morales310-502-9196[email protected]
Alyssa Rogers310-720-2892
Neco Haro310-617-9501[email protected]Only available Saturday mornings


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